How Do You Make Boring Stuff Fun? 3 Ways To Shake Boredom

Seems like I hit a brick wall sometimes when it comes to tasks that aren’t mentally stimulating. I catch myself deliberately seeking outways to procrastinate. Then even when I catch myself I continue.

What’s worse is that this viscous cycle just makes me feel shitty. In all honesty, I feel like an unproductive asshole.

Seriously have you ever felt this way?  

Don’t get me wrong most days are better than others, but it’s extremely tough to kick the habit. This post is to get an idea of how other people deal with this shit.

Ever get so bored/unproductive that you’re just making list for the sake of making lists? 

Ever get so damn bored that you sit adjusting the margins on a document when it’s utterly unecesssry?! I know I can’t be the only one.

I’m not perfect so I wanted to offer 3 ways I try to shake boredom. Now take these with a grain of salt because they for damn sure won’t be the magic pill that fixes it all. But I challenge you to try them and let me know what you think:

  • Time yourself: Often called the Pomodoro Technique, timing yourself and working in short time “sprints” can increase focus and help you forget how boring a task is. Try this, take 25 minutes and FOCUS ON SOMETHING, ANYTHING. 
  • Take a break: studies show that taking a break after focusing for 25-30 mins or more helps you retain more information and be more productive when you come back to work again.
  • Reward Yourself: this is my favorite part. After you’ve done at least an hour of focused work, reward yourself. This system of work then reward is known as gamification. There’s tons of content on the topic but what it comes down to is rewarding yourself for accomplishments as if you were in a game. This feedback loop activates parts of our brain that are connected with focus and high performance. 

So how do you kick boredom whether at work, at school or in your every day life?

Seriously, I struggle with this shit and would love some advice. My tactics help sometimes but I know there’s more I could do to improve. 

Holla at me if you have any tips on how to kick boredom’s ass.

Today I actually feel like this guy. How you doing??



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