Three Bullet Thursday

3-Bullet Thursday — A Test
Hi All!

Anthony here. This post, called “3-Bullet Thursday,” is an experiment. It’s for email subscribers exclusively, and the idea is simple.
Each Thursday (at least, each Thursday I’m online), I will send you a short email with 3 short recommendations or findings from my life.

Here’s the first set:
Music I’m listening to — Black Friday – released by Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole on Black Friday its gotten me excited about music again. These two artist did their thing. They decided to rap on each other’s beats.

You can find the tracks here: Kendrick….J.Cole 

Book I’m enjoying  — 642 Things To Write About by 826 Valencia. It has hundreds of anecdotes and questions that allow you to access your creativity. Like, “create a to-do list for a villain”. How cool?  Pardon my inner geek. Moving on….

 — Quote I’m Pondering: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit” – Aristotle.

 I’ve always loved this quote because it gets at the core of how to excel. One must be consistent to the point that excellence becomes a habitual part of how you operate.

So…what do you think? Do you like this “3-Bullet Thursday” email and want more of them? 

Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions via email (

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful weekend,

P.S. Ditch work this weekend and have fun. Seriously. Like this.


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