Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself

After about a month without a single blog post I’m back! Also I am very inspired to share this post today. It occurred to me the past 30 days that I’ve been in a blogging funk. So, today I want to let you know why I haven’t written or posted lately, what led to my procrastination and how I was able to change it.

So believe it or not, we are ALL VERY CONSISTENT! Truly give that some thought. Some of us are consistently late, some are consistent complainers and others are just consistently negative. We all can be consistently productive, happy and thankful; but it comes down to our choices and how we set ourselves up for success.

Many times we can’t be consistent with achieving our goals because we do one or both of the following:

  • Pressuring ourselves to ALWAYS be achieving MORE GOALS, instead of taking small steps to perfect the skills it will take us to achieve our goals
  • Not executing and justifying our lack of execution by convincing ourselves that small progress does not matter

In my case, I fell into both of these categories. I convinced myself that consistently writing, even if it were an article a week, MEANT NOTHING! I attribute this to my own shortcomings and the fact that we live in a society that thrives on instant gratification. When we don’t constantly see tangible progress we get bored, lazy, lethargic and every other adjective you can use to describe a lack of EXECUTION.

Ultimately it comes down to what you convince yourself to be consistent at. For me keeping some kind of visual aid of my progress (small or large) keeps me motivated. But, quite honestly sometimes you just need a break! (Keep that in mind)
Breaks Can Lead To Breakthroughs

So I decided to take a break from blogging because I felt that my writing was getting boring, I felt as though I was constantly repeating myself. In order to gleam some inspiration from my life I wanted to just forget about writing and see what inspired me to write.

 There were times in the past 30 days that I had ideas that just never made it out of my head. Sadly I had convinced myself that writing didn’t matter.

This was me justifying a lack of execution by convincing myself that writing no longer made a positive impact on my life. This was absolutely false! Something I read yesterday morning by Josh Waitzkin made me appreciate and be thankful for the break I was taking. A little background on Josh Waitzkin: not only was he a child-prodigy in chess, he went on to be a Chess GrandMaster and a Push Hands National Champion. Push Hands is a sub-set of Tai Chi, click here for more info on Tai Chi and Push Hands.

The chapter I read yesterday discussed the value of taking deliberate rest and relaxation. Josh stated that,   

So not only is taking brief rest periods beneficial when you’re world-class in your profession, say a professional athlete or in Josh’s case a Chess GrandMaster, it’s absolutely necessary. This makes sense when you just consider the fact that we’re humans, not machines!

The beauty is that although we can’t perform at a high-level constantly without decreased performance, according to Josh, when we take breaks we often come back refreshed and perform at even higher levels.

My break from blogging allowed me to rediscover why I liked to blog and write in the first place. The questions I asked myself once my break concluded made all the difference.

Ask Yourself Questions More

Once I read that taking deliberate and restful breaks can lead to higher performance I started to ask myself, why did I stop blogging in the first place? I wanted to truly cut to the core though; I wanted to break through the surface of any bullshit answer I could be giving myself.
In order to eliminate the fluff asked myself “why” three times. I came up with the following:

1. I did not feel inspired and therefore did not want to publish work that I felt wasn’t my best.

2. I wanted more acknowledgement from my audience that my insights were helpful and made an impact on their lives.

3. I wanted every article to be a “banger”. I wanted to always have content that people were excited about.

All three of these were at play and prompted my 30-day hiatus. My discovery occurred when I wrote all of these down on a piece of paper. This was amazing, now my procrastination was tangible and I could tackle it head on and more effectively.
So I addressed each of them:

1. This was a terrible excuse but an excuse nonetheless. If I only wrote when I felt inspired I would never be able to be consistent. Furthermore, I would be missing out on articles that could turn out to be gold but never made it out of my head because I used lack of inspiration as my excuse

2. Fact of the matter this was just me being a cry-baby. There are going to be times where I write very inspired content and no one reads it, or I write un-inspired and everyone loves it. The process of expressing myself and my ideas is the core benefit of writing, not the accolades that come as a result.

3. This is similar to excuse #2. I look at writing as an art, and artist love to have their art appreciated. The brutal fact is, a lot of people may not appreciate your art. Does that stop a painter from painting? Does that stop an architect from building? Hell no! So why should it stop me.

So there you have it, the reasons behind my 30-day blogging hiatus and what inspired me to stop procrastinating and start creating amazing content again!
What are you currently procrastinating? Have you had any recent breakthroughs? If so, what and how did you come about them?


One thought on “Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself

  1. Absolutely awesome! All great minds go through these exact motions, it’s nice to know the maddness is not unwarrented. Out with the excuses, in with the breakthroughs.

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