Welcome Home

The more you wait, the less things manifest themselves. 

“I can’t workout because I don’t have a gym”

“I can’t go on vacation because the time isn’t right”

“I can’t write a book or start a blog because I need to learn how to write better”


I say this because of my most recent  trip overseas in February. I traveled to an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica. My first time overseas EVER! My beautiful girlfriend and I had an amazing time!  

Drinks by balcony.


Drinks at the pool bar.


Pardon my French but, not a single fuck was given this day.


Jerked Chicken on the beach.


Shenanigans and drinks at the pool bar.


Isn’t she lovely ? 🙂


Anyways, I had won the trip through a sweepstakes so had no excuse NOT to go. Point is, once I had the trip, I set a deadline for when I would go. Without that deadline I could have wound up not using the offer and letting the trip expire.

Whenever there’s something you desire set a deadline! No matter how random the deadline is or how long you think it would take to accomplish the task. 

Deadlines create urgency. Urgency spurs action, and action leads to results! We all seem to want results but don’t seem to ever set deadlines for ourselves. Why?! 

Had I never won a trip to Jamaica I probably would have never gone in all honesty. But the trip showed me the value of setting deadlines. Once I decided when I would leave, my vision sort of organically started to create itself. Having my end goal in mind I could create a path to reaching it. Whether that was ordering a passport (which I had to), buying new luggage or saving enough money to bring with me on my trip. Knowing when my trip was motivated me and provided an incentive meet my deadline.

So decide what you want and set some damn deadlines. Even for the small things in life like… Reading more often, taking up a hobby you always wanted to try, or having a date night with your significant other. You’ll see yourself getting way more done when you decide on when they’re due!

With that in mind, when and where was your last vacation?

Any suggestions on where my next vacation should be?  ðŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “Welcome Home

  1. I didn’t know people actually WON those sweepstakes trips. Lucky lucky guy! Last trip was Costa Rica– magical. And next you should go…. hmmm…. to Guatemala. One of the most adventurous places I’ve ever been! Just don’t let anyone carve your organs out of your body, etc.

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