“That Boy Clean”

My weekend was filled with Jumpshots: 

Adventures by dock:



And more fun & games than I can truly list:



Since I have mild writer’s block today I’ve decided to simply share my adventures (and misadventures) in list form:

  1. Went to Buffalo Wild Wings to try and catch the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight. Hostess was a mindless robot. Told us that there was a 5 hr wait. (Really?! 5 hrs?)
  2. Missed the fight
  3. Had dinner at Chili’s instead
  4. After dinner, watched careless parents let their children run through the parking lot. Children nearly die. I find humor in the fact that these parents are responsible for their well-being
  5. Woke up the next morning at the crack of dawn. Meditated. Got locked out of my girlfriend’s parent’s house after meditation.
  6. Decided to galavant aimlessly around their neighborhood.
  7. Walked for 1.5 hrs and upon my arrival realized their was a search party out for me.
  8. Reunited with my girlfriend and her mom. Come to the realization that we’re all locked out of the house lmao
  9. Eventually have an epic breakfast at a place called Amy’s 
  10. Stopped. Took a selfie   
  11. Went to a fair/carnival/boardwalk where I had what’s called a “rum bucket”. Basked in its deliciousness.
  12. Won a stuffed animal by shooting numerous J’s  
  13. Watched people struggle as they fished
  14. Went home. Reminisced. 

How was your weekend? Did mine inspire you? Offend you? Humor you (hopefully)? 


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