Don’t Miss Birthdays!

Whatever you do, don’t miss birthdays! Yes, sometimes they’re a pain in the ass and you don’t want to go. Most of the time they’re either out of your way, or conflict with your schedule. But, whatever you do, try your best not to miss them.

For one, birthdays only come once a year. Secondly, friends and families appreciate you showing up more than you know. Of course they’ll say, “thanks for coming”, but how they feel about you showing up can’t truly be summed up by a simple “thank you”.

Plus, you might actually have epic party to reminisce upon! This actually happened to me this weekend. A buddy of mine just turned 25 and wanted me to be there for his birthday. Like most people, I initially sighed and complained that I was low on money, that I didn’t feel like it blah blah blah…We use these same excuses when we want to achieve greatness. You’ve heard them and probably used them: “I don’t have time” or “I don’t have money” or “I’m too busy”. I call bullshit ! But I digress.

After some careful thought about the invitation I said, why the hell not?! He’s your friend, he invited you, and birthday’s only come once a year. The below pic pretty much sums up the night; good drinks, good food, great friends and a night to remember.


So before you miss your next friend’s birthday party, think about this pic…think about this article.

Yea…..Let that sink in. Maybe you’ll think twice about your excuses the next time a friend invites you somewhere, or, the next time you decide to do anything.


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