How Do You Define Your Success?

So a great friend mine just recently shared an opportunity with me that I’m beyond ecstatic about. I’m verklempt (just learned the meaning of this word and I think it’s extremely applicable at the moment). But, I digress. 

 My friend blessed me with a link to an organization called StartingBloc

 StartingBloc’s goal is to support and facilitate collaborations of small tight knit groups that are committed to changing the world. For more info on StartingBloc and steps on how to apply to this year’s summit, click here

 I believe the primary catalyst of change is dialogue. Yes change is only realized by action and dedication to a goal. But, for change to occur debates must happen. Ideas must flow. Arguments are even sometimes necessary. Without a discussion on what change should look like, how can it ever truly occur.

This is why I’m overjoyed with the chance I have to be a part of this. 

I have yet to apply and am still in the midst of responding to my application questions. I would be beyond happy to participate but if I do not get accepted to the program it will still have been an incremental step towards my success. 

 We often get into a rut because we don’t see results as fast as we want them. This is problematic because it creates a vicious cycle of impatience. My challenge you this week: Take 20-30 minutes each day this week to clearly define what progress and success looks like to you. 

 Defining what success and progress look like to you  will help you remain diligent when it seems like the fruits of your labor aren’t producing a harvest. Progress for me is continually taking steps towards a more fulfilling life. Creating activities that bring me closer to my ultimate goal: Time Freedom. 

 I’ve clearly defined what progress and success mean to me. So even if my application is denied to StartingBloc I know I took a deliberate step towards my success. I will appreciate the fact that a friend even shared the opportunity with me, rather than fret upon a denied application. 

 Define your dreams. Define the steps you need to take. Define what parts of your process make you the most excited to share. Most of our dreams are so fuzzy that we don’t accomplish them simple because we don’t truly know what they look like. Define the direction you want to go in so that you have a better map to guide you. And if you need help along the way, ask me. Ask your friends and family. We all need support. 

 So before I submit my application for StartingBloc I would like your support. Please read my responses to their application and let me know if there’s any changes you’d make. I’ll be submitting this Tuesday so you’ll have at least 24hrs to share your 2 cents. All feedback is welcome and appreciated. Without further a due, my essay responses. Thanks for reading 🙂 :

Question 1:

What do you hope to gain from the StartingBloc Fellowship?

How will the Fellowship help you to achieve your goals?

My goal is to empower students, entrepreneurs, teachers and innovators to trust the process of finding what fulfills them in life. Ultimately I want to share know-how and rituals from my own experiences that can contribute to a fulfilling life; whether that be personally, financially or both.

The discussions I have, the people I meet and the workshops I participate in will help me find and share with individuals who feel the same about living a purpose-driven life. Even those who have opposing views can offer valuable perspectives.

My goal is to help others gain clarity by defining their dreams. Dreams are merely dreams when they aren’t clearly defined. I hope the StartingBloc Fellowship will help me reach more people who may need my help.

Furthermore, I am committed to giving my all to serendipity. I may help someone spark an idea to improve their business. Likewise, there may be an individual who provides me with the catalyst and knowledge on how to create more value in my own endeavors. Most importantly, I hope to gain insight and support from others who aren’t afraid to ask themselves, “wouldn’t it be cool if?…”; then bootstrapping and creating that “if”.

A wise friend of mine once told me, “Don’t let your haste make waste”. I may not accomplish all my goals with StartingBloc as soon as I want, which is fine. But taking the leap of faith to share, discuss and work with like-minded people will make it more than worth it.

Question 2:

What in life are you most proud of?

I am most proud of my blog that I started recently. I have always enjoyed math and hated writing, so sharing my ideas on a blog was never something I had seriously considered before. Truthfully, it just sounded cool. However, I am very passionate about sharing ideas because of the thought provoking dialogues that they can start.

Whenever I have someone share how my post made their day, or how they stepped out of their comfort zone to try a ritual I suggested I get a physical high that words cannot capture. The appreciation from my followers has been beautiful. I am beyond proud of myself and blessed to have connections with people who share similar beliefs as me.

I am even more proud of how accountable I have held myself to the process of writing. Blogging is great when you’re getting feedback in the form of comments, likes, reposts etc. However, even when I have a lack of traffic and reader comments I have still held myself accountable to consistently writing.

There’s weeks where I’m on an emotional rollercoaster as a result of great feedback. Then there are weeks when I feel I’ve written my best content and barely anyone takes the time to notice. I’m proud of myself because regardless of the weekly feedback from my audience (or lack thereof), I have consistently written about what inspires me and shared that with all those willing to read with an open mind.


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