13 Ways To Hack Your Writing – Tips From The Trenches

Beautifully and bluntly well-written.

Vanessa Mártir's Blog

Like many, I’ve eaten up those top tips for writers lists. I’ve quoted them on my Facebook page. Tagged them on the page for my Writing Our Lives workshop. I’ve made notes in my journal and posted them by my computer so I can stare at them when I write. I’ve read them with a curled lip, too, because while I see their value, I also can’t stand them.

These lists come off as pretentious and preachy. This whole nonsense of you have to do this or that to writebrings me back to a professor at Columbia University who told me that if I wasn’t working on a poem or an essay or a book, I wasn’t writing. In his mind, journal writing did not count as writing. PLEASE!I still think that shit is nonsense. The writing process is such an individual one, such a personal journey, that…

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