“Oh I’ll get to it tomorrow”. Be honest, we have ALL said this before. You might’ve already said it today. But we know that most things get put off until tomorrow and never happen.

How do you end the viscous cycle of merely “getting to things”? This may surprise you or just piss to you off. But Nike has the answer, “Just Do It”. And preferably today! If not, hold yourself accountable to tomorrow.

The problem with putting things off until tomorrow isn’t the act of saying that you will. The problem is saying that you will then NOT holding yourself accountable for following through. 

Grant Cardone, serial entrepreneur and sales trainer, says, “The only way to get more done, IS TO GET MORE DONE!” Being productive and getting goals accomplished is very simple. But, the discipline to hold yourself accountable to your tasks and goals can be daunting. This is where most of us fail.

My solution: Time Blocking. This is something I picked up from Tim Ferris and have used to increase the amount I get done on a daily basis. To time block, simply allocate X minutes/hours to a given task. I like to time block in sets of 30-90 minutes.  Literally time yourself. During his time don’t check your email, Facebook, texts etc. The Key is discipline. When your time is up, you’re done. If you haven’t completed the task before your timer goes off, time block again. Diligently record how long your tasks take to complete.

Remarkably, you’ll start to notice how much you can truly accomplish in 30-60 minutes. The beauty of this is that as you learn how much time things take you can better plan and prioritize your days. Armed with priorities, overwhelm and stress don’t have a chance to weasel themselves into your life. With this technique you can actually get done what you need today, in addition to what you plan on doing tomorrow.

So whether it’s meditating by a river with two ducks you met, such as I did this past weekend:


Finding time to have an Easter egg hunt with your family:  

Or simply  unwinding with a good book:



We all have the same 24 hours. How we allocate our seconds, hours and minutes make all the difference.

So ask yourself, where’s all your time going? 


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