The Science of Compassion 

What if I told you that you could alleviate all your stress by simply being more compassionate? Would you then fill your life with acts of compassion? Whatever your answer, I challenge you think about how compassionate your are. Compassion towards others can not only relieve stress, it can help you live longer!

Best part is, I have some science to back me up. Currently I’m reading Zen Habits by Leo Babauta:


The book has tips on being more productive, more appreciative and leading a more fulfilling life. The author dedicates a section on the value of showing compassion on a daily basis. Things like listening to a friend vent about a problem they’re having or showing empathy for someone who’s going through a tough time in life. 

He suggests that exibiting more compassion on a daily basis can have tremendous effects on your well-being. Babauta states,


Not only can you counteract the hormone that’s responsible for aging, you can also decrease the amount of stress your body produces.

Showing compassion requires you to step into another person’s shoes, even if for a brief moment. Don’t discount  the value of a baby step; showing compassion when and where it’s needed.

The time to show compassion and empathy isn’t sometime or some day. It’s NOW. It’s TODAY. 

I had the pleasure to helping to give back to less fortunate individuals in my community today with several of my co-workers.


Not only was it humbling, but it shows how minuscule many of our day to day problems really are. I was serving people who may not have a place to sleep tonight. Meanwhile I am lucky enough to have piece of mind knowing where I will lay my head EVERY night.

I was blessed to have helped those with less than me and will definitely be helping again.

Show some compassion and your stress over the little things will seem to disappear. Don’t forget, many people are happy with less than what you have. Why stress right?


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