When’s The Last Time You Climbed A Tree?

Today’s post is inspired by the poem below that Tim Ferris quoted in his Best Selling Novel The 4-Hour Work Week



I absolutely love the message that this poem conveys; SLOW DOWN!

Such a simple idea but constantly overlooked in this day and age. Most of us are in such a rush to arrive at a destination. What ever happened to appreciating the journey?!

Yes, you must set goals and have a vision of you ideal life. Whether that be your personal or work life.

But in a time where we are all constantly bombarded with ads, commercials, news, and notifications, it becomes very difficult to just calm down and appreciate the moment that is NOW.

When was the last time you explored a jungle gym? When was the last time you climbed a tree? When was the last time you just went for a stroll?

Life shouldn’t be ALL about where we want to be. We can all be happy, successful, rich, more intelligent RIGHT NOW. All it takes is a choice, and that’s powerful.

If you can’t climb a tree or go for a stroll right this minute I highly suggest taking time to do something that relaxes you. Something that doesn’t involve your to-do list. 

What’s a destination without the journey anyways? The journey is where you get to tell a story. The journey is where you learn, where you grow, where you laugh, where you cry!

So try to slow down today and listen to your journey, it won’t last forever. 


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