What Would It Take?

One of the most thought provoking questions you can ask yourself is……What would it take?

What would it take to start that business in 3 months instead of a year? What would it take to payoff all your debt in the next 2 years instead of the next 5 years? 

Framing questions in this manner forces you to have a creative approach. Particularly when the time frame and/or goal in mind seems absolutely absurd.

Tim Ferris mentioned this in a talk he had recently with the Barbell Shrugged team. Barbell Shrugged specializes in Fitness and Nutrition. For more info on them simply visit http://daily.barbellshrugged.com/

Tim Ferris joined them for a discussion on asking better questions and expanding the way we think. You can check the video out here:

Expanding Your Thinking, Asking Better Questions & Increasing The Value of Your Money w/ Tim Ferriss

I highly suggest you invest a full hour to watch, take notes and absorb the discussion.  The most fascinating idea I took from the discussion is asking yourself, what would it take? Tim mentions that amongst the wealthiest of his friends and colleagues, the majority if not all of them operate with this mindset. Everyone from successful start-up owners to Fortune 500 C-Suite executives think about goals and milestones differently. Not only do they think this way, they do so CONSTANTLY; it’s literally hard-wired in their mechanics. 

 Think about it, haven’t the greatest men and women in all of history thought this way as well? What if the Wright brothers didn’t ask themselves what it would take to accomplish human flight? What is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t question what it would take to abolish racism and bigotry? Hell, what if Steve Jobs never questioned or challenged the status quo in the technology sector?

 Success. Greatness. Excellence. They all leave clues. Great leaders, innovators and people who change the world ask the questions most of us are afraid to ask; or even worse, afraid to act upon. Even if it scares and rattles you to your core, ask what would it take? 

 This is something that I have started doing daily ever since watching the video a week ago.  I haven’t change the world just yet. But what’s a great mindset without consistency? Persistence and consistency breed the most results just for the simple fact that most people will quit before they can even see the progress they’re making. 

 So let your mind run rampant and challenge yourself to ask more difficult questions. Question everything. Question my blog. Question yourself. Question the majority.

 What’s the worst that could happen?  You changing the world? 


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