Can I Re-Heat That For You?

So Thursday night my girlfriend and I spontaneously galavanted to the Scotty’s Comedy Cove in Springfield, NJ:


We saw 6 comedians all of which were amateurs. In fact, it just happened to be a “Comic Competiton”. With judges, cash prizes and an opportunity to have other stand-up gigs at the Comedy Cove.

As the show started we naturally ordered food and drinks. Our first order came out: Mozzarella Sticks.

Nothing out of the ordinary. Having finished our appetizer we ordered more food to share; buffalo wings and fries to be exact. And here’s where things went south!

While waiting for our food (which seemed like an eternity) 5 comics had come up and finished their sets. One comic, in an alcohol indused explosion of bad jokes, REFUSED to get off the stage. His jokes were terrible! However, the fact that he wouldn’t leave the stage was HILARIOUS. 

I really enjoyed all the comedians not only for their jokes, but for their courage. Especially the comics who didn’t quite win the crowd. There’s a beauty and mystique to being up there alone and vulnerable. Just you, your jokes and the audience.

But back to the long wait and lack of customer service we received. I’ve always pondered why people don’t realize when they provide bad service. And then, THE WINGS ARRIVED. 

Not only were the wings cold, but our server asked, “would you like me to re-heat those?”. Did he really expect a yes?! 

Why yes sir, please take my cold buffalo wings and place them back in the microwave. I actually prefer microwaved wings, I’m glad you asked.

In our server’s defense it wasn’t his fault that the food was cold. Asking if I would like microwaved food was his fault. 

Instead of rebuttaling with an attitude I just asked the gentleman to return the dish. This experience showed me regardless of how bad anything is, we’re all humans. Let’s give each other a break for once.

Don’t boo a bad comic, even if he refuses to leave the stage. Don’t get angry with a person who’s putting their best effort to serve you. We’ve all had bad days where we didn’t put our best foot forward.

So give others a break. Even when they ask to re-heat already microwaved food. They may not say so, but they’ll appreciate it.


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