Go Try. Why Wait?

Last night I tried something new. I made the most savory, juicy, flavorful chicken ever!

Recipe Below πŸ‘

I share not to impress you; but to impress upon you the value of trying and time.

I’ve never made this. I just tried. Often times we all get stuck in the “I should do that” phase. But why wait?

Start that business, go to that event, call that client. Do something. The beauty of trying is that the process is where the true value resides.

Example, making a dish you’ve never made. The mistakes you make through the process are precious gems. Perspective is reality. 

The perspective you take on your mistakes and shortcomings should be treated as a present. This is where you can innovate, create, transcend.  Laugh at your mistakes for once. Try something you always think of, but procrastinate your way to a habitual path of NOT TRYING. 

Below is my TRY at the chicken above. Try this, you won’t be disappointed:

Prep Chicken:

  • Take (2) 6 oz. chicken breast, clean chicken with water and fresh lemon.
  • Split Chicken in halfs and stuff with Spinach,  Goat Cheese, Cranberries & Fresh Rosemary.
  • Close halfs and tie with brine string.



  • Pre-Heat Oven to 400 degrees.
  • Place olive oil into a pan and place on Medium High.
  • Once hot cook chicken 3 minutes each side. Continually flip chicken so that it cooks evenly.



  • Once cooked, place into oven for 10 Minutes.
  • Let cool for 1 minute. Remove ties.
  • Prep plate with fresh spinach. Garnish with fresh lemon and olive oil.


  • Place chicken atop spinach.
  • Serve with cheese, ciabatta bread and wine πŸ˜‰  



So stop waiting. Go try. And when you accomplish a task or hit a milestone, reward yourself. Perhaps with wine and dinner! 

Time is valuable, but the mistakes you make trying are equally important. Be conscious of the time you spend and mistakes you make. If you do you, you’ll be more creative, take more action, become a better human being. This list goes on.

So….what will you try today?


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