Getting A New Job vs. Picking Up Women: What’s The Difference?

I’m Ron Burgundy….just kidding. I’m Anthony Holloway, but we’ll come back to Anchorman Ron Burgundy later. In the meantime let’s talk about the art of selling yourself. Now I’m NOT talking about deceptively selling something to someone they don’t need or don’t want. I must clarify because I feel the term “Selling” gets a bad rap. A negative connotation so to speak. 

 I’m talking selling yourself in the simplest terms; Putting your best foot forward, being friendly and above all else, being authentic. Per the request of one of my best friends, today’s post is about the art of selling and how it is applicable in every single facet of your life. Whether it’s the girl at the bar who’s glanced at you twice and you haven’t made a move on, that promotion you deserve that you won’t speak up about, or the dream job that you desire but just haven’t made progress towards. 

 We all have to sell ourselves EVERY SINGLE DAY! However, the term “selling” makes people uncomfortable. If you want anything in life you have to sell yourself. You must sell your ideas to convince investors, you must sell your skills & strengths to your boss at work and you must sell your cunning good looks (or lack thereof) to women/men you’re interested in dating. 

Tip Numero Uno

  • Be Confident: I cannot stress this enough. Yesterday’s post I touched on the fact that we all need patience but that we also must be assertive and confident when opportunities present themselves. Easiest way to be confident is to fix your posture! You cannot effectively control your mind, until you control your body. Therefore, your body must be confident before you mind can be on the same page. Walk with your chest up and head held high. Smile for a change! Put on a suit or outfit that makes you feel dapper. Point is, to be confident, you must first control your body language. Your mind will follow, trust me.

 Tip Numero Dos

  • Be Yourself: This one is simple. Be authentic! You know who you are. Don’t portray soomeone/something you aren’t. Employers and ESPECIALLY WOMEN, have a keen sense for bullshit. So don’t bullshit yourself by bullshitting other people. BE YOU!


Tip Numero Tres

  • Crack a Joke, Make Someone Laugh: Now I’m not suggesting you go be a stand up comedian. Remember, it’s imperative you be yourself. But if there’s something you found funny, share it. Or, even better, if there’s something you think someone else would find funny share it with them. This applies equally to Employers and Women. Majority of women will agree that they would rather date a guy who’s decent looking and can make them laugh, than a guy who’s very handsome, self-absorbed and has no sense of humor. And between two people who are equally qualifiied, who do you think get’s the job after an interview? The one who the employer REMEMBERS! Maybe the employer remembers you made them laugh, maybe they don’t. But being confident, authentic and sometimes humorous makes more of an impact than the years of experience you can slap on a resume

So today you learned how to sell better, my love for Will Ferrell, and three Spanish numbers. Now its time to apply! Oh yea, why did I use Anchorman Ron Burgundy’s picture? Well if you haven’t seen the movie YouTube some highlights and shame on your soul, its hilarious. If you have seen it, you know that Ron Burgundy isn’t the best looking guy, or the most articulate. However, his confidence and ability to be charismatic is what makes him successful not only as an Anchorman, but also with the ladies. 

 As always, please share this with anyone who you know may need a good laugh or confidence boost. Until next time, stay classy!


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