Cooper the Dog’s Love For Ice Cream & What It Taught Me

Guys. Meet Cooper. The big adorable dog below on the right. He loves walks on the beach, belly rubs and his favorite, ICE CREAM !!!! Just watch:


Of course this video is simply cuteness overload, but I wanted to share with you the perspective it gave me. 

Often times many of us get impatient about where we are in life, work or in our relationships. So much so that we tend to COMPLAIN! (yesterday’s post, HINT HINT).

However, we can all stand to learn two things from Cooper and his patient love for McDonald’s ice cream cones:

  1. Patience
  2. Confidence

Now the first one, patience, obvious right? Wrong! When was the last time you saw someone with something nice that you’ve always wanted? That car you wanted for your birthday, that promotion that you didn’t get, those new shoes that you can’t quite afford right now, or your friend who has a successful business that’s growing and getting attention. 

 We all have a tendency to compare ourselves to others and compare what they have versus what we don’t have. But take a page out of Cooper’s book, be PATIENT FOR ONCE! I’m sure there was a time where you got just what you were wishing for at the PERFECT time. There’s a reason for that. Timing is everything! Little do we know it, but sometimes we just aren’t ready for the things we wish we had RIGHT NOW. 

 Maybe you need to take public speaking lessons before you get that promotion, maybe you need to make a little more money before you can comfortably afford your dream car, maybe the time isn’t now! 

 That brings me to my next point, confidence. Once you come to grips with the fact that you must be patient and grateful for what you have presently, you must have the confidence and assertiveness to grasp opportunities when they present themselves.  The same way Cooper demolished his ice cream cone, tackle your dreams and desires with a vengeance when opportunities cross your path.

Whether you’re ready or not for the blessings you desire, be patient! Don’t complain and be so impatient that you miss out. And when opportunities present themselves, don’t hesitate, pounce like Cooper the Dog! 

 Know anyone that’s been impatient lately? Share this post. Hopefully they’ll take a bite out of it.


2 thoughts on “Cooper the Dog’s Love For Ice Cream & What It Taught Me

  1. You continue to inspire me more each day. You have helped me get a better grasp at perspective and how it is everything. In the last 4 years since we met you have impressed me by making a point to never be in the same place as the following year but always progressing and moving forward. Actually you’re rarely are where you were last week. Wether it’s learning to do a hand stand writing a blog or cooking a meal you go at every task with the same amount of dedication. You motivate me to go after everything I want and to make opportunity rather than waiting for one. You’ve taught me to set goals and make list in return organizing the clutter in my mind. Most important you have taught me the treasure of time and my control over it. I admire you and have learned so much from you. I’m so proud this blog has allowed you to share your amazing guidence with not only me but the world (Can’t wait for a book) You have made me a better woman and are truly a blessing to all the lives you touch.

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  2. Enlightenment from this piece is the attracted idea of patience and confidence verses patience or confidence. To achieve serenity, one must understand the balance on how both of these virtues help each other equally.

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