The Key To More Wealth & Less Complaints

Think back to the last time you complained about something…..I’ll wait. I want you to hold on to that complaint, put it in your back pocket until the end of this article. Why am I requesting this? 

 Well, it has occurred to me that we all do a great deal of complaining about our lives on a daily basis.

 The more I ponder about the concept of complaining about anything it becomes clearer to me that it negatively affects the amount of wealth in your life. Now I’m not talking the amount of money or possessions you have; although complaining negatively affects those aspects of your life as well. I’m speaking to the overall quality of your life. 

 This makes me think of a quote from Sir Richard Branson of the Virgin Group, he stated:

“You don’t have any problems in life until you have health problems.”

How’s that for perspective? My intention is not to ridicule everyone who has ever complained in their life. I’ve done my share of complaining about various things; who the hell am I to judge? 

 This is a declaration of caution, a caveat! If you want more wealth in you bank account and in your life, abolish these 3 tendencies ASAP:

  • Complaining: Whether its complaining about your job, your salary, or the traffic you sit in on your daily commute, Just cut it out. Quite frankly, its a simple fix to give a compliment to someone instead of complaining about something you’re experiencing.
  • Being Ungrateful: This may be an obvious one but it had to be mentioned. As Richard Branson stated, if you have your health then you have plenty of things to be grateful for.
  • Thinking That Having “More” Will Make You Happier: Happiness is not a destination. Happiness is not a place you arrive once you have a nice car, or more money. Happiness and Wealth are a CHOICE, so choose wisely.

Life works in strange ways and all I can do is speak from my experiences. I’m grateful for my health, my friends and family, the laptop that I’m using to share this post with you. The list goes on.

 The point is, complaining about anything negatively impacts your quality of life. Yes, this may be brutally obvious. 

But consider my initial question, when was the last time you complained about something? Whenever it was, forget it. Just remember the next time you mentally prepare yourself to complain, YOU HAVE A CHOICE! 

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