How Much Time Are You Wasting Overthinking?

I’m a huge advocate of creating time as opposed to managing it. When you think of anything relative to time, you are quickly able to understand the value of any task at hand. However, many of us fall prey to “paralysis by analysis”. This is where you think about every single minute detail before simply taking action. 

 Trust me, I’ve been there, and in all honesty, it still happens to me every once in a while. But when you begin to factor time into your decisions, you begin to see the value in all your actions.

So, we know that time is critical and that we always have to consciously consider it. But, this then begs the question, why the hell do we have a tendency to overthink so much? 

Welp, you’ve come to the right place! Open your mind. Walk with me. 

 Overthinking believe it or not is deeply rooted in our biology. Obvious right? Well, not quite. Simon Sinek, author of the best-selling novel Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action, sites that:

When you force people to make decisions with only the rational part of their brain, they almost invariably end up “overthinking”. These rational decisions often take longer to make, and can often be of lower quality.

Now I’m not preaching that you go with your gut ALL the time. My point is, trust yourself more ! 

Yes you might fail, yes you might get hurt, yes you might get turned down. But that’s the beauty of it. The more you trust yourself, the more confident your are. The more confidence you display, the more success you attract. 

 So today, go with your gut. Quite frankly, it’s the truest YOU there is. 


One thought on “How Much Time Are You Wasting Overthinking?

  1. I really appreciated this post. Thank you for this. I am a very ambitious person who has so many plans in the works or on the drawing board. Paralysis of analysis is great way to put words behind what is happening internally. Thank you for this motivation. I would love to see some tips on how to go about creating time vs managing time in the future if you have any to offer! Keep the posts coming!

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