3 Tips For Taking Massive Action And Getting More Done Everyday

So while pondering the content of today’s post I thought of how I could provide some tips that you can actually apply RIGHT NOW! The purpose of WhyInspire is to provide perspective and thought provoking ideas that will inspire you to be the best version of yourself possible. Today instead of just giving my perspective on a topic I’m going to give you 3 tips that you can implement immediately !

I am a huge fan of simplicity to today we’re going to keep it simple.  After reading this I want you to go out an simply kick ass in whatever endeavor you choose to accomplish.

Tip # 1 Create a Most Important Tasks (MIT) List 

 Often times people complain that they do not have enough time to do anything. However, this problem can be solved once you clearly define what your Most Important Tasks are and how long they’ll take. Time is fluid, therefore I believe that time management is a myth. I believe in time creation. So, here’s an example of what my top 3 MITs look like today:

  • Complete Financial Report (Work Related)
  • Schedule meeting with X person to move X project forward in order to meet X deadline (Work Related)
  • Publish blog post and send to Friends and Family 🙂 (Personal)
  • Go to the Gym (Personal)

There is obviously more detail to the above items but the point is that I have clearly identified them. Emergencies will arise and distractions will occur, but when you know what your top MITs are, not completing lower priority items becomes irrelevant. 

Yes, there are more things I have to get done in addition to the items above, but if I can complete my top priorities then lower priorities can wait. When you don’t know which priorities are which and when they need to get done, overwhelm ensues! And quite frankly who wants that? So get your top MITs completed and you will feel more accomplished and fulfilled at the end of the day. 

Tip # 2 Time Yourself

I think this tip is less obvious. As we speak I am timing myself on this blog post. This is a ritual that I have been doing for the past couple of months and it has had a huge impact on my productivity. Not only will you get more done, the process is fun! 

Its like a game you’re playing with yourself in which you always win. Trust me, when you give yourself 30 minutes to complete a task and it takes you 15 minutes, you’ll get excited. Not only is it fun, it allows you to gauge how quickly you can actually get things done. When you know how long task take you can more effectively complete Tip # 1, Prioritize! So take one of your MITs and time yourself. When you’re racing against time you tend to work quicker and more effectively. So don’t count the minutes, make the minutes counts. 

 Tip # 3 Reward Yourself 

 This may not seems as obvious as tip 1 or 2 but it is just as important. When you complete one of your MITs, especially if you complete them ahead of time, reward yourself! For me its taking a 10 minute walk to clear my head and grab a cup of coffee.  The point is to reward yourself so that you reinforce the habit of prioritizing and taking advantage of the time you have. 

 These 3 tips have had a huge impact not only on how much I get done on a daily basis but how productive I feel. 

C’mon, you’ve had those days. The days where you felt so productive that you lose track of time. You can do that every day believe it or not. 

So try these out and let me know what works, what doesn’t or anything that you think we could add to this list.

 Don’t forget, if you appreciated this post please share with anyone who needs advice or inspiration.

Now go kick ass!


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