Yotel: Exploring The Cosmos

Meditating, legs crossed, gazing out of my 19th floor window. An overwhelming sense of peace and transcendence percolates through me. New York can be so loud and crowded that we forget to just inhale and appreciate it all.

My getaway for the weekend was Yotel, a futuristic hotel only blocks away from Times Square.

Not only do they have kiosks where  you can check-in/check-out yourself, they have a robotic arm that will check your luggage !

Walking through Times Square I thought of all the people who travel thousands of miles for a piece of the Big Apple. Meanwhile, I can hop on a train and be in Midtown Manhattan within minutes. 

As I pass Times Square and make my way to ShakeShack, I can’t help but think about how overwhelming the city can be. 

Oh Glorious Shake Shack. Why Art Thou So Delicious?!

In Times Square there are mega-screens that span the length of skyscrapers. All with commercials that attempt to coerce you to, “Buy this!” “Drink that!” “Come here”. This made me think, “what if these ads challenged people to be creative and PRODUCE, rather than conform to gluttony and OVER CONSUME?”

Couldn’t that change the world? Isn’t that a world worth living in? It’s no surprise that Americans and tourists spend at a staggering rate, not only in Manhattan, but across the United States. 

What I learned this weekend is that despite chaos (i.e. Traffic, honking horns, Mega-Screens etc) we all have the ability to quiet our minds regardless of outside forces. However, that begins with calming our body down. Whether it be with stretching, yoga, meditation or just having a healthy breakfast. Calm the body, and your mind will follow. 

So take a deep breathe, and smile for a change !



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