People or Spreadsheets? Which Do You Invest More of Your Energy Into?

Currently I’m reading Seth Godin’s Linchpin: Are You Indespensable? 

As I read I highlight like a madman, which is why I prefer actual books to e-books. Today I came across a paragraph that seemed obvious after reading it, but truly captivated me once I read and processed the message. Godin states,

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of focusing on using a spreadsheet or a time clock to measure your progress, but in fact, it’s the investment you make in your interactions that will pay off

I literally had to stop reading and let that marinate. How profound right?! Our daily lives and routines sometimes convince us that “progress” is just another metric that can be quantified in Microsoft Excel.

Offer to help someone when they don’t request help, open the door for someone and give them a warm smile or offer to get your co-worker coffee. These are the interactions that will make you successful beyond what you can imagine. Seth Godin calls this “emotional labor”.

Since finishing his book I can truly say I am fulfilled when I lend a helping hand. 

The key is consistency. Consistency leads to momentum, and as you gain momentum you truly open yourself up to a SURPLUS of opportunities and blessings to flood into your life.

What shall you invest in today? Whatever you do, choose wisely.


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