Do You Complete What’s Most Important First?

This idea of completing our most vital tasks first seems sickingly obvious.  The true importance lies in how you define what’s valuable to you.

Whether it be meditation & green tea in the morning, exercising in the afternoon or getting to the office early to get a headstart, we all must define what’s valuable to us.

I’ve adopted the following three morning rituals:

  1. Light Breafast followed by meditation
  2. 30 Mins of Reading 
  3. And a hot cup of coffee/tea

When things that are out of my control seem chaotic, whether they be personal or work related, these morning rituals give me peace. These are highly valuable to me which is why they’re the first on my list. That’s it.

Adopt your own daily simplistic rituals. The ones above have changed my life. 

  • Meditation has made me more self aware 
  • Eating and having coffee/tea makes my body feel nurtured and satisfied
  • Reading I feel is the most highly underrated action that you can do daily. 

Action Items

  • Implement your own daily ritual for 30 days. 1-3 things you can STICK TO and actually enjoy as well. By all means implement the one’s I’ve shared above
  • Read for 30 mins a day for the next 30 days. I suggest self improvement books, however you can chose to read current events or other interesting mediums.
  • After you 30 for 30. Go to a random event. You can find them on EventBrite or MeetUp. Speak to as many random intellectuals you can and see how the value of reading makes you a more articulate individual to speak to.

So read, eat, meditate and repeat. Inspiring people is the gift that never stops perculating through your veins. Who will you inspire today?


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